Can we collaborate? Yes, we can!

Caitlin has extensive experience establishing meaningful working relationships with diverse people and organisations.
From clothing and apparel, to stationary, homewares and everything in between, Caitlin LOVES connecting and storytelling through art.

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  • Mirii Art X Yarn Collab

    Caitlin is proud to be creating designs with Yarn Marketplace, a platform which empowers First Nations artists to share their stories and have their voices heard.

    Caitlin's collaboration with Yarn is a selection of Australian made clothing, stationary, puzzles, mugs and more! mouse pads and more!
    Stay tuned... there's more in the pipeline!

  • Mirii Art X Recycled Mats Collab

    In partnership with Recycled Mats, artist Caitlin Trindall designed a range of outdoor mats that are made from recycled polypropylene to offer serene comfort over hearty stories, fun playtimes, lunchtimes and other outdoor activities. These mats are made to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and to remain soft and comfortable for a long time. They are UV treated, mould resistant, fully washable and quick to dry.

  • Mirii Art X Ridgy Didge Collab

    Bringing Aboriginal art and culture into the classroom, Caitlin has created a beautiful and colourful image which is used as the background to a series of classroom resources.

  • Mirii Art X Inspired EC Collab

    When Inspired EC reached out to Caitlin Trindall, they were looking at innovative ways to feature authentic and meaningful Aboriginal artwork in childcare educator resources. Caitlin’s ‘River Crossing’ artwork is proudly showcased on the front cover of their 2023reflective journals, bringing Aboriginal art and culture into the everyday narrative of the educator.