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Sunset Healing (Canvas Print)

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$180.00 AUD

'Sunset Healing'

There is something so magical about a sunset that allows you to pause and reflect, giving you a sense of gratitude. They have a way of making you feel grounded, like all your worries and anxieties are being released as you watch the colours of the sun setting in the distance. 

Eucalyptus leaves and gum nuts are also a main feature in this piece, as they have strong healing properties and bring a sense of calm and connection to Country.

This artwork has been created to bring peaceful and positive energy to your space 🤍


Each fine art canvas is machine stretched to give consistent tension across the artwork. The assembly is completed with framers tape and is strung ready to hang.

This canvas print is available in framed and unframed options. Framing options include oak, white grain or black grain. 

All prints are made to order and custom framed on Dharawal Country.
Please allow up to 2 weeks for unframed prints and 3 weeks for framed prints.

Please note for International orders there will be additional shipping costs added after purchase. We recommend discussing this via email prior to placing your order.