About The Artist

Caitlin Trindall is a proud Gomeroi woman and the creator of Mirii Art. As a multi-disciplinary artist and business-woman, Caitlin draws upon her own life experiences to create unique contemporary artworks that bring Aboriginal art and culture into everyday spaces and conversations. 

Born and raised in Sydney, on Dharawal Country, Caitlin has always been encouraged to explore her creativity, with her parents and grandparents all engaging in various creative art forms. Caitlin first began painting in 2016 as a way to connect to her Grandfather in Narrabri despite being physically apart. Inspired by her Grandfather, she has since developed a strong love and passion for creating all kinds of artworks including painting on canvas, large-scale murals, digital art, emu eggs, jewellery and homewares. 

Caitlin’s artwork is a considered combination of both traditional and contemporary art. She uses traditional symbols to share stories and messages within the artwork, and will pair these will bright vibrant colours to create a modern feel. In addition to this, Caitlin delivers creative workshops within the community, embedded with cultural knowledge, to ensure Aboriginal knowledge and traditions are passed on to future generations.

Caitlin has worked with many clients across Australia, and enjoys building connections with people and communities through her artistic journey.

The Word 'Mirii'

The word ‘mirii’ means ‘star’ in Gamilaraay language, the traditional language of Caitlin’s mob.

Mirii is a very significant and inspirational word for Caitlin. When her Grandfather passed away in 2017, her brother and cousins performed a traditional smoking ceremony, sending his spirit back up to the stars to be with their ancestors. Caitlin is inspired by her Grandfather and feels very connected to him when she looks up to the stars, and when she is creating. This is how ‘Mirii Art by Caitlin Trindall’ was born.